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Tuesday, November 17, 2015

Happy October Birthdays!

As my notification option on Facebook has reminded me several times in the last few weeks, a friend has a birthday. On some days, it has been multiple friends, sometimes as many as five in one day! 

I looked through the list of birthdays each day, and realized that 43 of my Facebook Friends celebrate birthdays in October.  That's 45 total - including me and my dog Oreo! It's a varied group.  Friends from high school and college, sorority sisters, two other women named Leslie, relatives, former co-workers, church members, foreign exchange students and children of my friends.

So I thought I would just wish everyone a Happy Birthday here in my blog at the same time.  Even though it's now November, I wanted everyone to know I was thinking of them on their birthday in October!

(Pictures from my personal photos, Facebook accounts, or Mills Grad Terry Huitt's photo alums celebrating 50th Birthdays. In some instances I included a group photo from Facebook that contains the birthday person. )


October 1 - Lisa Kaucher Hickman

October 1 - Lindsay Rucker

October 1 - Lori Bell

October 2 - Beth Fiser Beam

  October 2 - Julia Gray Cecil

October 3 - My Aunt Dottie Hoffman Smith

October 3 - Mickey Smith
(No Relation)

  October 4 - Kristin Fosterson

October 6 - Terry Black

October 7 - Melissa Osburn Russell

October 7 - Tina Weigand Maxey

 October 7 - Tricia Roeder Jackson

 October 8 - Debora Brown


  October 8 - Karen James


October 8 - Linda Carroll Berry

October 8 - Tanya Barnes

October 9 - Keith Powell

October 10 - Allie Shea

October 10 - Diana Barr

October 10 -Becky Kassler Murphree

October 10 - Hannah McGee

October 10 - Rebecca Chaney Campbell

 October 14 - Leslie Gatling

October 15 - Scott Burks

October 16 - Gina Tappan

October 16 - Jami Nichols Pfeiffer

October 16 - Lynn Tribble 

October 16 - Malessia Poe

October 17 - Nancy Chu Nelson

October 18 - Darlene E. Lee


    October 20 - Gini Vanness

    October 20 - Kathy Gadberry

    October 20 - Suzanne Lemon Donlon

October 21 - Dana D. Kelley


    October 25 - Dana Van Patten McKinney

    October 25 - Jessica Mann

       October 25 - Leslie Jordan Hitt

     October 26 - Melanie Gossler

     October 27 -  Debbie Soulsby

   October 27 -  My nephew Chris Topher

    October 28 John Bennett

    October 28 -  ME with actor Max Greenfield of New Girl & American Horror Story! Johnny Bennett and I also share a birthday with Julia Roberts and Bill Gates - both beauty & brains.

   October 30 - Jo Carter Sinnett

    October 30 -  Keith D. Carter

October 31 - Oreo