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Monday, October 20, 2014

Happy October!

FaithSpring Community Church Halloween Carnival 2009
Our youngest daughter, Sara (then 12) is dressed as a Candy Corn Princess

October has always been a great month for our family. My husband, Stewart, and I were married on October 18, 1986, ten days before my 25th Birthday.

After our daughters were born (Lauren in January 1993) and (Sara in March 1997), we became more involved in activities in October. Between our Wedding Anniversary, my birthday and Halloween, we attended Carnivals at both churches and schools, visited pumpkin patches and corn mazes, went to Arts and Crafts Festivals and Boo at the Zoo, hosted Halloween parties and neighborhood Trick or Treating, picked out costumes at Party City and hay bales & mums at garden centers, bought tons of candy, braved Haunted Houses, spent time at the annual Arkansas State Fair and toured Magic Screams at Magic Springs amusement park in Hot Springs.

Saturday was our 28th Wedding Anniversary, so I thought I would do what I did last year at this time and share a few things with you...

  • Both of our beautiful girls are growing up and you would be so proud of them.  We have two Seniors now!  Lauren has maintained her scholarships while also working part-time teaching English to Foreign Students at the Ozark Literacy Council and now in the International Students Office at the U of A in addition to keeping up her hours and GPA.  She will graduate from college in May while Sara will graduate from Central High School after taking AP Classes, serving as President of the Young Republicans, continuing dance lessons at Shuffles and participating in FaithSpring Church youth group and active in Young Life Christian Organization.
  • The new fall TV season has started and one of our favorite new shows is NCIS:New Orleans! It stars Scott Bakula (from Quantum Leap) and features the normal NCIS characters: the attractive male & female partners; a knowledgeable Medical Examiner and her quirky assistant.

  • Halloween is on a Friday this year, Sara is dancing to the Michael Jackson hit "Thriller" at Boo in the Zoo with her class from Shuffles and Lauren is coming to visit for my birthday!

Pictures of our family taken at different Halloween Carnivals & Fall Festivals

I just want to wish you a Happy October, Honey...


Saturday, October 11, 2014

Gone Girl - Movie Review (2014) & Book Review (2012)

Movie Description:  With his wife's disappearance having become the focus of an intense media circus, a man sees the spotlight turned on him when it's suspected that he may not be innocent.

Release Date:  Friday, October 3, 2014

Running Time:  149 minutes

Genre:  Drama/Mystery/Thriller 

Motion Picture Rating (MPAA): Rated R for a scene of bloody violence, some strong Sexual Content & Nudity, Profanity and images of Alcohol/Drugs/Smoking.

Director:  David Fincher

Writer:  Gillian Flynn (Screenplay and Novel)



Ben Affleck
as Nick Dunne

Rosamund Pike
as Amy Dunne

Carrie Coon
as Margo Dunne (Nick's twin sister)

Neil Patrick Harris
as Desi Collings

(Left to Right)
David Clennon as Rand Elliot (Amy's Father)
Lisa Banes as Marybeth Elliott (Amy's Mother)
Kim Dickens as Police Detective Rhonda Boney

Tyler Perry
as Lawyer Tanner Bolt

Photos from IMDb

Leslie's Comments On The Movie "Gone Girl"

  • I saw Gone Girl at a special 10:00 pm showing on Thursday, October 2, the day before the movie opened nationwide. I finished reading the book the day before I saw the movie and couldn't wait to see how the movie compared to the book. 

    The movie is very suspenseful, intense and keeps the viewer guessing until the very end of the film. Even though the movie is almost 2 1/2 hours long, it goes by very quickly because there are so many plot twists and turns. Everything about this film is amazing, including the Lighting and Cinematography, the Costumes and Hair/Makeup on each character, and the great acting of a wonderful, talented cast.

    Similar to George Clooney's Academy Award winning role in The Descendants, Ben Affleck is a handsome movie star who is believable as a small town Missouri guy who moves back to his hometown after losing his Magazine Writer job in New York City. Rosamund Pike gives an unforgettable performance as Nick's wife Amy, a native New Yorker with writer parents, a boarding school background and no friends as she is relocated to Missouri. Other standouts in this movie include Tyler Perry as a slick Defense Attorney, Neil Patrick Harris as a former classmate of Amy's, Carrie Coon as Nick's twin sister Margo, and Kim Dickens as Police Detective Rhonda Boney.

    Gone Girl was rated the Number One Movie during its opening week, bringing in $37.5M. With its top notch acting, excellent production value, and constant story surprises, I'm sure it will remain number one for a very long time.


Leslie's Comments On The Novel "Gone Girl"
Written by Gillian Flynn

  • The novel Gone Girl was first released in June 2012, less than one month after my husband suddenly passed away from an undiagnosed Pulmonary Embolism. I don't really remember much during those trying times, other than watching a lot of TV, including marathon episodes of my favorite show, Glee. I do remember seeing an early morning network television news program that featured a segment on good "Beach Reads" and included the book Gone Girl, written by Gilliam Flynn, as one of the best books of the summer. 

    Later on, I saw a picture of Glee actress Lea Michele posted online where she was reading the book Gone Girl while sitting outside in a public park. There was speculation on Twitter at the time that she was being considered for a part in the movie adaption of the best selling novel.  So I immediately purchased the book on iTunes for my iPad, read the first couple of chapters, became really busy and didn't finish reading the story.

    Months later, my daughter Sara and I saw a commercial for the movie Gone Girl, which was scheduled to be released on October 3. I started reading the online book again and finished it on October 2!

    Without giving much away, the book, like the movie (which pretty much stays the same) is very well written and pretty hard to put down once the reader gets invested in the story of Nick Dunne and his missing wife, Amy.  The book is written in both a series of flashbacks and present tense from both main characters and the chapters are labeled that way, so at first it was a little confusing to keep it straight!  But once I read past the first few chapters, it was easier to understand.  I wondered how this format was going to transfer to a film but it is done seamlessly in the movie.

    Although I read many books as a child and teen and I work as a writer, I haven't read as much as an adult as I would like too. I love all the legal thriller books written by John Grisham and thought that the movie The Lovely Bones was as good as the book, written by Alice Sebold.

    As far as Gone Girl goes, if you want to read the book and then see the movie, or see the movie and then read the book, either one is fine because both the book and the movie are astonishing.