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Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Happy 27th Birthday Darren !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

My daughter Sara took this picture of Darren after we met him at a "Meet & Greet"
at the Six Flags in St. Louis on July 21, 2011!

As I've said many times in this blog, on my Facebook page and twitter, I am a big Glee fan and a huge fan of Darren Criss. My two daughters and I watched the pilot episode of Glee that aired on May 19, 2009 and loved it!  We really enjoyed all the musical performances and then liked the episode "Never Been Kissed" that aired on November 9, 2010 and featured newcomer Darren Criss as the character Blaine Anderson where he sang Katy Perry's hit song "Teenage Dream."

I instantly became a big fan of Darren. Watching him sing made me smile. Listening to his music and watching his Glee performances has helped me through some hard times during the past year.  We have been lucky enough to see Darren perform four times and have met him three times!  Here is a quick recap of those performances:

Darren performing with The Warblers at the Glee!Live Concert
in Chicago on Saturday, June 4, 2011.

Darren (in orange pants) performing with the New Directions at the end of the concert.
We were sitting on the 4th row on the floor and had great seats.

Sara and I met Darren at the Meet & Greet before his concert
at the Six Flags in St. Louis on July 21, 2011!

We sat on the 2nd row and Darren gave an amazing performance.

Lauren, Sara & I met Darren at the VIP Reception after the
Young Storyteller's Glee Big Show in Culver City, California on October 20, 2012

Darren was so nice and autographed several item for us, including Lauren's German text book. When I told him that she was going to study abroad in Austria the next semester, he started speaking to her in German! And when he signed a paper for Sara, he told her that one of his favorite songs was named Sara.

Darren performing with fellow Glee cast members Iqbal Theba (Principal Figgins), Dean Geyer (Brody) and Kevin McHale (Artie) at the Young Storytellers Foundation's (YSF) Glee Biggest Show 2012.

When Darren announced in the Spring of 2013 he was doing a 16 city USA tour, we were excited to find out he was coming to Dallas. To celebrate my 12 years of remission from cancer, Sara and I attended his sold-out concert at the House of Blues on June 3, 2013.

We also attended the VIP Meet & Greet before
the concert where Sara and I each had our
picture taken with Darren.

When the VIP Hostess told Darren "This is Leslie" he said that
he remembered me and gave me a big hug!


I'm finishing this blog entry after midnight, but technically in California it's still Darren's birthday.



And we are looking forward to seeing you again soon because we will be attending the 2014 Glee Biggest Show for the Young Storytellers Foundation at the Willows School in Culver City, California on February 22.