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Friday, October 18, 2013

Happy Anniversary

Our Wedding Picture
October 18, 1986

A Letter To My Husband...

Hello!  Quite a bit has happened since you've been gone, so I thought I would just update you on what would have been our 27th Wedding Anniversary - October 18, 2013.

Both girls seem to be doing well.  Lauren is 20 now and she spent her spring semester at the University of Austria in Graz in the study abroad program through her University. According to her pictures she posted on Facebook, it looks like she had a great time! She also maintained a high GPA while taking many of her courses in German overseas. She just started her junior year and is also working a part-time job tutoring international students in English.

Sara is now 16, had her braces removed recently and is already planning where she wants to go to college!  She said it has to be a University where she can major in Journalism and minor in Political Science and has to have a Chi Omega chapter. She went on the church youth choir trip to Chicago this summer, worked as a Junior Counselor at Brookhill and also attended a 9-day Young Leadership Conference in Washington, DC.

Since we all loved watching NBC News together, I wanted to let you know Ann Curry was replace by Savannah Guthrie on The Today Show in June 2012. Sara and I still watch Bryan Williams with the exception of when he was recovering from knee replacement surgery. This morning Kathie Lee announced that today is also her and Frank's 27th Wedding Anniversary!

Ziva left NCIS and Sara still tapes it every Tuesday night and watches it. Hawaii 5-0 has moved to Friday nights now this season and Sara and I watch it together. Sara and I saw the movie Argo with Ben Affleck about the Iran Hostage crisis. The first thing I said was that it was going to win the Academy Award for Best Picture. It did. The second thing I said was that you would have loved it.

In November you were inducted into the National Association of Farm Broadcasters Hall of Fame in Kansas City. The girls and I attended with my parents and Sean along with your parents and sister. Jonathan, Jawanda and Rachel Mast also came to the dinner. Here is a picture from the banquet with your plaque.

Oreo really misses you and Lilly is still my "Guard Kitty". I just wanted to tell you we all love and miss you.


Our last picture together
Taken at Ashley Graham's wedding
April 2012